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Logo officiel du Sei-Sen KC Arlon


It is on March 24, 1990, at the Spetz sports complex, that was born the Sei-Sen Karate Club Arlon on the initiative from Sensei Lallemand IV Dan with the support of Sensei Van Binst VI Dan.

In 1998, the club moved to the Institut Notre-Dame Arlon where the lessons took place until 2001. Afterwards, the club moved again to the Knappchen sport centre until 2003.

Since September 2003, the club has finally found a suitable dojo at the Hydrion sport centre

On June 25, 2009, Sensei Lallemand has given the keys and the document of title of the club to his faithful assistant Sensei Moruzzi III Dan.

The technical direction is thus assumed by Sensei Moruzzi III Dan, under the supervision of Sensei Van Binst VI Dan.

Today, the Club can be proud of having no less than 22 successful DAN level examinations (black belt). All DAN level diplomas are stemmed from the reputable KSKA of late Taiji Kase Sensei.

The Club has also become one of the best clubs of the province (cf results).

As regards of the Club's legal recognition, we are registered at the French-speaking karate league of Belgium.

But the most important affiliation is, for us, being a member of the Kase-ha Shotokan Karate Academy (KSKA), because it represents the direct line of the teaching of Master Yoshitaka Funakoshi.

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