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Following the latest government directives (2021-05-11): Indoor training sessions are allowed for kids upto 12 but are limited to a group of 10 participants!
Unless otherwise stated, lessons for adults are forbidden.
We recommend that you come back to this page before each training session to find out about the latest news.
See the agenda!
NB: Next consultation committee, ? May.

New agenda!


COVID Alert: Red Code!

Please take two minutes of your time to familiarize yourself with the new sanitary rules which come into force on November 2nd: Click here (in French only, sorry).

Thank you...

Sensei Van Binst VIII dan

"Improvement Courses"
Hydrion Sports Center (Arlon)

12:30-13:45 and 14:00-15:00
12 September
10 October
28 November
19 December
23 Januay
6 February
"SIKA" in March
24 April
"Chiny" in May
19 June
Sensei Van Binst VI dan KSKA

5€/course for Club members
7€/course for others

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