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 Internal Rules 

... or admission requirements.

1. Pass an annual medical visit.

2. Have hands and feet nails cut and clean.

3. Do not assist a class under influence of alcohol or any other substance that may affect mental or physical behavior.

4. Remove the jewels before the course starts.

5. Pay at the latest the second day of course of the month its quarterly contribution.

6. Buy a kimono (karate-gi) after a maximum of 4 courses.

7. To take part in all the courses registered with the program (see the courses in red on the diary). Except, of course, in the event of disease, examination, work or simply agreement taken between the instructor and the pupil or his parents.

8. Our Saturday courses known as "Cours de Perfectionnement " are opened to any pupil who is more than one year old of club seniority or on acceptance of our Sensei.

9. Be precisely on time at every courses. Only a grand maximum delay of 15 minutes is tolerated. A greater delay would mean not to be able to warm up correctly, which would increase the risks of accident. Last but not least, the karateka will perform 10 push-ups per 5 minutes delay which is somehow a way to excuse her/him for beeing late.

10. Never use karate in the streets except to defend the order, the law or a person in danger.

11. Respect the dojo and the neighbourhoods.

12. Behave as a humble, discrete and respectful of others karateka.

13. Do not smoke in the sport centre.

14. It is forbiden to chew or interrupt a course (turn off your portable and, if necessary, go to the toilets before the class begins!).

15. Must be 8-year old to start.

16. Parents are responsible for their children until they are taken care of by one of the Club's coaches.

17. Parents accompany their children to the dojo and come to look for them at the end of each class.

18. Children are prohibited from entering the dojo before the coaches and they are not allowed to play in the large gym.

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